Let's face it, locals always know where the best places to eat and visit are!  So we hit the streets of Nicaragua to ask them this very question and these are their answers...

We broke it down into the Top 5 places to visit and theTop 5 restaurants in no particular order.


We have a blog dedicated to the top 5 places we think you should check out in Nicaragua and will post in the very near future.

1. The Corn Islands

This place is so epic, we actually decided to write an entire article just on it. Which we will post later in March. 

- Basically, it's two Caribbean islands in PARADISE....that you must visit if you have the time....(and stomach for a potentially rocky boat ride getting there)

Make sure to book rooms in advance if travelling during the high season.

2. Ometepe Island

Ometepe is a must see destination in Nicaragua. This island  is unique for its twin volcanos and full of adventure... and it's also full of hippies...



3. Playa Santana

Without being biased, this part of Nicaragua is truly magical. Here you will find unspoiled beaches, great surfing and is totally worth checking out if you like playing in the waves and feeling surrounded by nature.


Still in its early days of development, you can find a few places to enjoy a nice rum  ( Flor De Cana) and coca cola. Sit back and watch the sunset at Villa Jiquelite or at Magnificant Rock Hotel which is located  at the other end of the beach. 

4. Cerro Negro

A beautiful and unique volcano that plenty of tourists and locals hike up  to peer inside the cone every year.  If that wasn't enough,  you can choose to snowboard down! (volcano boarding) Check it out here

5. Cañon de somoto

This amazing canyon runs for 13 Kilometers close to the Honduras border and is a must see. You can swim and hike through it the entire way. To learn more check it out here 


1. Mi Viejo Ranchito in Rivas

This popular family run spot has been around since 1997 and serves delicious local food. It is located close to Volcano Masaya, and the National ZOO. Click here to learn more about this awesome spot. 

2. El Timón in San Juan Del Sur

Since 1979 this family run business in San Juan Del Sur has been catering to locals and tourists. Each day the restaurant works with the local fishermen to give you the freshest fish and seafood possible. Sound's pretty good eh! Learn more about them here 

3. Finca Santo Domingo in Ometepe

Founded in the mid-nineteenth century, this family run hotel and restaurant business caters to locals and tourists wishing to enjoy epic views of Ometepe. To learn more, click here

4. Yolanda café in Tola

This place has excellent food, large portion sizes and great service. This place is a must-go to place according to the locals and one search on Trip Advisor will back up the claims!

5. Comedor Francis Roxana Place 

This local restaurant located near the airport landing strip on Big Corn Island will have you smiling for days and hungry for more. I will personally vouch for this place as it made my day. Make sure to Get the Rundon meal and you will not be disappointed. Make sure to order 45 minutes in advance, when it's done your mind will be blown!

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